Handy Ande Presentations: Talks for Schools and Groups

Book Reynolds Open University founder, Andrea Reynolds today to speak on any of the following subjects....


While providing very practical advice, Andrea Reynolds is also witty, entertaining and animated. She will also leave your class or assembly thinking about their own future.

1. Chaos Sucks.... The "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome" and how lighthearted you'll feel if you follow Andrea's "moving" method for getting organized.

2. The Ultimate Yard Sale: How your yard sale - with parental permission - can bring you the funds you need.

3. Twenty Personal Services Businesses Teens Can Start to be able to pay for that car, wardrobe, college tuition, or first apartment.


Start your own Personal Services or Concierge Business

Sell your Mobile or Manufactured Home at a Profit by Yourself and Save an Agent's Commission of $500 to $3,000

Fees depend on size of group, length and complexity of presentation, distance traveled, handouts required, research and development required, etc. Andrea can help you find creative ways to afford her speaking fee (generally $500 and upward).

Call Andrea Reynolds: (814) 431-9278