When you submit your course for consideration, here's what I need to see:

Title of the course.

Your name.

Your email address.

Your bio explaining your qualifications for offering the course.

3 ways students will benefit from attending your class.

Format of class: Email, webinar, audio series, video series, etc.

Whether the class is online or live; individual or group.

The location if it's a live class, lecture, or workshop.

The objectives of the class.

The desired outcome (results) of the class.

A description of the content of the class.

Experiences the student will have.

Activities you will provide.

Any assignments/homework you are including.

Handouts you will use (if any)

Suggested class tuition (fee).

Any materials fee (low cost, please) and whether it's optional or required.

Any bonuses you are offering your students.

If students are welcome to follow up with you.

Send to Andrea Reynolds,