A limited number of people may be Partners in this Limited Partnership. 40 units will be available to the public. Each unit is $1,000.

Each unit = 1% of the business. Certificates will be issued to Limited Partners. Shareholders (unit holders) will own no more than 40% of the business. The General Partner, Andrea Reynolds, will own the remaining 60%.

Anyone - student, teacher, company, or interested person - may own units. One person may own several units. As well, two or more people may pool their resources to purchase one or more units.

Example: If 5 people each agree to contribute $200 toward the purchase of one unit, each person owns one-fifth of a unit in the Limited Partnership, and, if he chooses, can sell his portion to any or all of his 4 "partners" assuming they will agree to buy him/her out at the original value of the portion.

No more than $40,000 will be raised through sale of units. It's possible that not all units will be sold. Unsold units will remain the property of Andrea Reynolds.

The purpose of units is to fund the startup of the business, particularly marketing and promotion costs. In time, profits will be split 60-40 among the General and Limited Partners.

This is speculative venture and individuals who cannot afford to lose their investment should not participate.

Contact Andrea Reynolds with interest and/or questions.