Creative, Unconventional Ways to Afford to Buy a Home When You Think You Can't

Off-site Class: Saturday, April 9, 2016 1:00 PM. Location: The author's living room, Southwest Erie. $10.00 for advance registration. $15.00 at the door.

Only the Book: $7.00 before March 30. $13.99 after March 30.

Background. A post from my Money Blog:

I'm now receiving at least one call a day because of the sign I put up in my front window. How many callers did my two agents either decline or persuade to see other houses they had listed than mine, I wonder?

As a writer, in addition to being a home seller, I'm recognizing the benefits of a FSBO sign. I get to talk to people, learn their names and their contact information. But more importantly....
See more below.

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They are telling me what their challenges are and thus, what my next book should be.

My callers are asking for
rent-to-own agreements, installment contracts, and other forms of non-bank (seller) financing. I've received these same requests from dozens of people on local housing forums on Facebook.

When more than three people ask for non-bank financing because of poor credit history or not enough savings to meet a down payment requirement,
it's time for me to take action.

I know more than a dozen unconventional ways to finance the purchase of a (first) home. So if I receive at least 30 people willing to purchase my special report
in advance Creative, Unconventional Ways to Afford to Buy a House by March 30, I will write it in a week.

And/or you can come to my class.

What's covered in the book and in the class?

1. Smart money management
2. How much house can you afford to buy?
3. Unconventional financial sources
4. What does a seller want?
5. How to treat the seller
6. Agent or no agent?
7. Who writes the offer to purchase?
8. Do I need a witness?
9. Ways to make your house pay for itself
10. Questions and answers

The Author-Instructor: Andrea Reynolds

Please check out my teaching experience on the Principal page.

What do I know about buying homes? I've purchased two houses, two mobile homes, and an RV (a home on wheels) without bank financing or seller financing (i.e. cash). I also purchased a three-bedroom condo with bank financing and an acre of vacant land with seller financing. I passed the Pennsylvania Real Estate classes but decided not to take the exam as I was not going to become a real estate agent.

I have a very creative mind. I've been hired by some of the world's most creative minds for my ideas. I also wrote a booklet,
Jump Start Your Creative Genius and I'm the author of "25 Unconventional Ways to Raise $25,000 to $2.5 Million.

If you come to my class – limited to 10 people – you'll gain a wealth of unconventional but do-able (and legal) ideas so you can buy a home sooner than you might expect.

Want only the book? Pre-order your copy today. Prepublication price:

Book or Class or Both?

You may also mail a check or US Postal Money Order payable to Andrea Reynolds, PO Box 9124, Erie PA 16506.

If you don't pre-order the POST-publication price will be:

Notice: If I receive fewer than 30 orders by March 30, I will refund all money received. I need to make the project cost-effective.