Welcome to Reynolds Open University.

I'm Andrea Reynolds, a former home economics teacher (Bachelor of Science degree, Kent State University) and guest lecturer at several other open colleges for adults. I've created this school for adults to be fun, enlightening, entertaining, useful and even profitable. Take as many short, jam-packed
classes and seminars as you like, as often as you like.

If you have a subject you're passionate about and would like to share it with others, you can
come teach with me. Teachers can be students. Students can be teachers. If you've done it successfully, I invite you to teach us how you did it.

Eventually classes can be held online as well as offline. When that happens, both our teachers and students can reside anywhere in the world. And yes, we pay our teachers… we are a for-profit business.


MISSION: Increase a person's sense of self-pride, reduce feeling of helplessness, increase well-being, and improve community standards.

Awaken your desire to learn what may have been stifled by traditional education.
Decrease your reliance on services you can't afford,
Save you money on necessities,
Increase your self-esteem with know-how and new skills,
Increase your social contacts,
Become better neighbors,
Open doors to a new and better future,
Promote entrepreneurship in the community.

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